NCE Rules for Examinations


In the Examination Hall
– Students shall be in the examination room at least thirty minutes before the scheduled time of the examination and shall be seated at the appropriate numbered seat (where applicable).- Students may not be admitted into the examination hall, thirty minutes after the Commencement of the examination.- Students shall not come into the examination hall with any unlawful materials e.g. Sophisticated Calculators/mini-computers, handsets etc.- Students shall rid their environment free of all unlawful materials e.g. textbook handouts, pieces of papers, writing on the lockers should be reported before the commencement of examination to the Invigilator.

– No use of prepared answers of any kind or in any form (e.g. question paper, on top of desks, chairs, wall-ceiling, chalkboard, School fees, receipt Candidate palms or any part of the body, veils, handkerchiefs, tissue-papers etc.)

• Each Student must submit his/her answer script at the end of the Time- allowed for the examination.
– Students must hand their scripts to the invigilator when leaving the examination room before the end of the examination.

– Students shall bring their identity Cards, Clearance Certificates, School fees receipts to the examination hall and display them in a prominent position on their desks and nothing unauthorized should be written on these documents.

– No unruly/rowdy and impolite behaviour or insubordination to invigilator before, during and after the examination e.g. Students refusing to carry-out lawful instructions such as improper sitting arrangement, noise etc.

– Attendance sheets shall be signed in by the Students at the beginning of the examination and sign out at the end of the examination after the submission of theiranswer scripts.

– No Student shall leave the examination hall without Permission and attempt to re-enter the hall to continue with the paper later.

– No book, printed paper, written document or unauthorized aid shall be taken into an examination room by any student, except as may be stated in the rubrics of any examination paper.

– During an examination, no Student shall speck to any other Student except such as approved by the invigilator and there shall be no noise, disturbance, peeping or spying.

– Students are not permitted to leave the examination room during the course of the examination except briefly under the continuous supervision of an invigilator or an escort Students are not allowed to leave the room during the first thirty minutes of the examination nor during the last thirty minutes.

– The use of scrap paper is not permitted. All rough work must be done in the answer booklets and crossed neatly or in supplementary loose answer sheets which must be submitted to the invigilator.

–  There shall be no writing of points on the question paper.

– No Students is allowed to be in possession of any handbag, purse, briefcase etc. in the examination room, while the examination is in . progress.

– At the beginning of examination each Student must write his/her Question paper.

– Student shall write his/her examination number (not his/her name) at the top of the cover of every Answer book or separate answer sheet of paper.

– No Student shall bring child/children into examination hall.

– Breast feeding during the exams is not allowed.

– At the end of the time allotted, each Student shall stop writing when instructed to do so and shall gather his/her scripts together ready for collection by the invigilator.

–  No Student shall impersonate another Student during an examination or Student asking a non-bonafide Student to impersonate him/her. ,

– No student should be involved in examination leakages e.g. scouting, begging or purchase of live question papers or benefit from leakage whether directly or indirectly.

– No stealing, converting or misappropriating the answer scripts of other Students.

–  Except for the printed question paper, a Student shall not remove from the examination room or mutilate any paper or other materials supplied e.g. answer sheets.

– No Student shall insult or physically assault an invigilator for performing his/her lawful duties.

– Research report which is an essential report of the final NCE examination should not be a copy work.

–  Recurrent cheating is not allowed.