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The Proprietor of the college, Dr Raheem Adebayo Issah sees it compulsory to invest in the teaming young minds especially in the areas of education without boarders. His philosophy about man and the society is “a man without education is a city without light” He believes education if systematically passed down the annals of mankind, its the hallmark of change we want to see in every society. He initiated a programme themed “catch them young” Catch them young is a quiz, debate,technical and Science competition staged to identify areas of students interest and how to nurture such talent to production.




Mensana Incorporate Sano a latn word meaning a sound mind dwells in a healthy body. One is aware of a common adage that goes thus “All work and no pay makes jack a dull, lazy and dejected boy. Our college hold in high esteem activities, programs, and learning experiences that complement, in some way, what students are learning in school—i.e., experiences that are connected to or mirror our academic curriculum. We pride in co-curricular activities as , students council, school sports teams, math clubs, chess clubs, talent shows, writing competitions, debates, mock trials, school newspapers, and drama productions.



To be physically, mentally, socially and emotionally sound, students are advised to take part in sports. This is in line with that popular philosopher, Socrates who emphasized the development of body and mind through physical activities. The sports centre caters for interest of students, staff and the entire academic community on related field of sports. The sports centre with its main objective caters for voluntary sports of students in particular and college in general.

The sports centre among other things:

  1. Organises intramural and extramural sports
  2. It grooms athletes to represent the college at NICEGA zonal level and NICEGA organized atthe national level.
  • It prepares outstanding athletes for inter-collegiate, national and international sports competition.
  1. The centre through the sport committee encourages annual awards to out-standing athletes by the college.

It is worth noting, that the centre is for the students’ body and is independent of any department. Based on this autonomy, the success of sports programme largely depend on students, honouring – coaches and other staff meaningful participation.

The college has sport committee charged with the responsibilities of coordinating sporting activities in the college. Members constituting the committee are from various Departments in the college.