Semester Examination:- Examinations take place at the end of each semester, Continuous Assessment is 40%, while examination is 60% of the total score for the semester.
Continuous Assessment shall consist of tests, written assignments reports, attendances, practical work and any other means as may be appropriate to obtain a pass in a course. A students shall have scored a minimum of 40% on the aggregate of continuous assessment and examination.
A student must have attained 75% class attendance, paid college approval fees and registered duly.
Examination Time-Table:- The examinable courses for examination including credit loads, number of registered students and other requirements shall be forwarded to the Chairman, Time-Table Committee at the beginning of each semester. The time-table for any examination shall be out about two weeks before the examination begins.
Duration of Examination:- End of course examinations shall take place during the last two weeks of the semester. The time allowed for writing an examination shall be in accordance with the credit load of the course. Normally, one credit shall be allowed 1 hour examinations, while two credit course and three credit courses shall be allowed 2 and 3 hours examinations respectively.
Preparation of Examination Papers:-
a. Each lecturer in charge of a course shall prepare his/her questions marking schemes and submit them to his/her Head of Department.
b. Questions submitted shall be between 15-20 per cent more than the actual number that will appear on the examination paper.
c. The Head of Department shall select from the pool of questions submitted and prepare same for moderation.
d. The Head of Department shall submit the moderation examination questions to the Dean of the school.
e. The Dean supervises the production of examination papers.
a. Each examination paper must be properly packed and labelled with necessary information showing title of the paper, date, time, place, invigilator, supervisor and number of candidate