College Services


Nana Aishat Memorial College of Education, Morin, has a moderately equipped Centre for Educational Technology. The centre is an academic Department and a supportive service centre to all other Departments in the College and for community services. It is also fairly well staffed with experts in the field of Educational Technology, Media Technology, Instructional Systems, Technology, Graphic, Textile Designs and Audio Visual Education facilities. With this group of experts, a number of services can be rendered with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.


The Information and Communication Technology Centre is established for both academic and commercial purposes. It is established for students’ academic and non-academic staff of the College to have contact with the outside world for information on research findings.  The Centre also offers training programmes in computer services, computer operation, computer repairs and maintenance, geographical information system and management information system. The centre as a functional computer repair and maintenance that takes care of all computer system in the College. The centre engages in community services through organization of workshops and seminars on computer literacy. The centre now has Edu-portal service for online services for student administration registration checking of result and other information to staff and students.


The College Clinic renders medical services to all members of the College community, i.e. staff and students medical laboratory services for diagnostic tests are also available. The clinic operates 24 hours service,

  1. morning, afternoon and night. All new students must get registered in the college clinic and submit a recent passport photograph on resumption.
  2.  COLLEGE LIBRARY   The books are arranged using Dewey Decimal Classification scheme (DDC). The total reading space is 420 seats. While the accessioning is presently21,361.

    The Library opens to readers during the session as follows:

    Monday Friday 8.00am – 10.00pm, Saturday8.00am 10.00pm. The

    library normally closes on Sunday and all recognized public holidays.

    1. Readers who do not have borrowing privilege, i.e. part-time lecturers and outside readers may in exceptional cases request their Head of Departments to borrow for them. The Head of Department shall resume full responsibility for these loans.
    2. Full-time students and senior members of staff may borrow books which are not otherwise restricted top use in the library, e.g. Reference or Reserved Books and Periodicals (bound or unbound).
    3. Books to be borrowed must be presented at the circulations Desk by the ticket-holder in person with one reader’s ticket for each book, and the date due must be stamped in the book. The period of loan is one month for lecturers and two weeks for students.
    4. Currently, students may borrow up to 2 books at a time, while senior staff may borrow up to 4 books.
    5. All borrowing must be completed 10 minutes to closing time.
    6. Loans may be renewed, if the books are not required by other readers
    7. Overdue notices are normally sent out, but each reader is responsible for the return of the nook on his/her tickets whether or not he receives the notice(s).
    8. Holders of overdue books will be fined N 2.00 per book/day. After one week, the fine will be N 4.00 per day. Library book recalled by the Librarian will be charged at the rate of N 5.00 per day after 72 hours from date of notice.
    9. Further loan privileges may be withdrawn from anyone who keeps books longer than 20 days after they are due for returning or renewal.
      Lost BooksReaders are responsible for the safe keeping of all books issued to them and are required to pay for replacement in the event of loss, damage or mutilation if a reader loses a book, this should be reported immediately to the circulation Librarian. A period of time will then be allowed for the reader top search for the missing items. Refusal to pay for such loses will be referred to the Registrar.

      Mutilation and Theft

      It needs little imagination to realize the mutilation is a serious antisocial activity which impairs the usefulness of these publications not only for present readers but (especially with serial and out of print books) for future generation of users, since such applications are often unobtainable again at any cost. Therefore, any person who mutilate or steals College books will face the full severity of college discipline.

      General Library Regulations

      1. Readers must enter and leave the library reading rooms through the main doors.
      2. Brief cases, bags, sticks, water proofs etc. must be left at the place provided for them around the circulation desk.
      3. Books and journals consulted in the library should be left on the table and not returned to the shelves. This is to make sure that they are put back in their correct places by trained library staff.
      4. Readers must show to the library officer all books and papers which they are carrying out when they leave the library.
      5. Seat provided in the reading room should not be reserved by any reader.
      6. Admission to staff working areas is by special permission only and – must be strictly on business.
      7. In the interest of others, the following disciplines should be observed:
      8. Quiet should be obtained at all times in the library
      9. Eating and drinking are not permitted in the library
      • Smoking is not permitted in the library
      1. Shouting and violence are not permitted in the library
      2. The Librarian may suspend or withdraw library privileges from any one who contravenes these regulations, and may report any offense to the authorities.
        Readers are not allowed to receive nor make calls within the library premises; users should always switch-off their handsets.
      3. Readers should not make or write or underline with pencil or pen inside the books.
      4. Books should not be hidden in any part of the library to prevent others from using them.
      5. Users should not tear off any part of a library book.