1. Students who come into the examination hall after thirty minutes of the commencement of the examination shall not be allowed to write the examination.2. Any Student who fails to rid his/her environment free of unauthorized materials e.g. textbook, hand-outs, pieces of paper, writing on the lockers and wall etc. shall be asked to repeat the year (level).

3. Any Student who exchange question papers, answer sheets and other related materials during an examination shall repeat the year (level) in the following academic session.

4. Student who brought into the examination hall unlawful materials e.g. sophisticated calculator or mini-computer, handset etc. shall repeat the year.

5. Any Student found with prepared answers of any kind or in any form (e.g. on question paper, top of desks, chairs, wall, ceiling, chalkboard, school fees receipt, candidate’s palms or any part of the body etc. shall repeat the year.

6. Any Student who fails to submit his/her answer script at the end of the time allowed for the examination shall carry over that course.

7. Any unruly/rowdy and impolite behavior and insubordination to invigilator before, during and after the examination e.g. Students refusing to carryout lawful instruction (such as improper sitting arrangement and noise by the Student) shall carry over the course. It may also attract repetition.

8. Any Student who signs the attendance sheet and fails to hand his/her script to the invigilator when leaving the examination room shall repeat the year.

9. Any Student who fails to sign in or sign out the attendance sheet after submission of answer script to the invigilator shall carry over the course.

10. Any Student who fails to bring his/her I.D. Card, clearance certificate and School fees receipt to each examination and display it in a prominent position on his/her desk shall not be allowed to sit for the examination.

11. During an examination any Students who speak to any other student, makes any noise, disturb, peep or spies etc; shall repeat the year.

12. Any Student who brings books, printed paper, written document unauthorized aid into the examination hall shall be repeat the year.

13. Any Student who leaves the examination hall without permission and attempts to re┬Čenter the hall shall not be allowed.

14. Any Student who insults the invigilator for performing his/her lawful duties shall carry┬Čover the course (it may also attract expulsion).

15. Any Student found guilty of assaulting an invigilator shall be expelled.

16. Any student who leaves the examination room without the permission of an invigilator will attract carry-over of the course.

17. Any student who leaves the examination room during the first thirty minutes should be regarded ass absent and during the last fifteen minutes shall carry-over the course.

18. Any Student who is in passion of handbag, purse, wallets, briefcase etc. while the examination is in progress shall repeat the year.

19. Any Student, who renders assistance to any other Student or accepts assistance from any other student or copy from each other, shall repeat the year,

20. Any student who fails to write his/her examination number distinctly at the top of the corner of every answer booklet shall carry-over the course.

21. Any Student who fails to stop writing when instructed to do so shall carry-over the course.

22. Any Student who removes any unauthorized paper from the examination room except the printed question paper shall repeat the year e.g. the college answer sheet/booklet.

23. Any student who impersonates anther Student during an examination or student asking any person to impersonate him/her shall be expelled from the College.

24. Any Student found involved in examination leakages, such as scouting, begging or purchase of live question papers or benefit from the leakage whether

25. Any student who steals converts or destroys the answer scripts of other student shall repeat the year.

26. Recurrent cheating: Any Student found guilty of cheating for more than one occasion in any of the College examinations, class test, continuous assessment test, assignment etc. shall be dismissed from the College and shall not be readmitted into the College.

27. Any Student who is involved in plagiarism e.g. research project, shall re-write the project in the following academic session.

28. Any student who forges any document, such as the school fees receipt shall be expelled from the College.